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A documentry of a 10,000 mile bicycle ride around the United States for children with learning differences and dyslexia.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Resourses for Parents

The two most important things I can tell you to help your child.

Dial up video below:

Broadband video below:

1.) Don't be afraid to challenge your child!
2.) Make sure they know there is no reason to limit themselves just because they have a learning disability!

I know how much of a struggle dyslexia can be and wish that I had more help accessible to me sooner. Here's some information that helped me and offer it to the masses who need it.

Resources to help:

Schwab Learning
All Kinds of Minds

Here are some successful businessmen that have dyslexia:
Richard Branson
Paul Orfalea
Charles Schwab

A message from me to your child with a learning disability:
Never give up and always challenge yourself. You can accomplish whatever you set you mind to. Sure it may be difficult at times but you can do it. Check out some of my role models listed above that gave me inspiration and hopefully they will inspire you too.


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